Zero waste is the future of
waste management!

How MUSA integrates


Simplify your company's waste management by using our
segregation model at source and access a digital ecosystem of transporters and recyclers.


Increase the demand for your collection services by accessing our digital platform. It will allow your company to expand its operations and become more efficient and profitable.


Receive larger volumes of less contaminated waste. Your business
will be more predictable, transparent and with better data to grow
your operations.





Make it consumable, aligned with their needs, less time consuming, profitable and right.


Embrace on-demand economy adding technology and enabling market crowdsourcing integration.


Increase waste recycling and reuse to reduce the extraction of virgin material, to eliminate pollutants and enhance sanity.

How MUSA works


Disposal Design

We implement a simplified disposal model aligned with your waste production and covering all your waste flows. By using technology, we monitor the quality of your segregation and the volumes you produce. 
Once the limit of your waste storage is reached we send a specific hauler to collect each kind of waste, ensuring no contamination, tracking and guaranteed reuse.


Transportation Logistics

We digitally connect your demand for collection services with our transport partners for each type of waste. This process brings logistics efficiencies which reduces costs and ensures waste quality from source to final destination. Each type of waste has a specific route and optimized transport. We also implement communication tools for alerts and real time tracking.


Improved Process

The improved segregation at source and the optimized transport model connected with specialized recyclers by type of waste enable a sustainable, social and environmentally friendly reuse productive chain. Follow-up reports, transportation and destination certification are available in the application.


Continuous Optimization

The simplified segregation model at source, the digital management service and the day-to-day data collection of the operations allow to develop further efficiencies for the generator, the transporter and the recycler. A MUSA recycling agent will guide your team to improve the effective management of your operations and increase your recycling rates.

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